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New planning application – 2A John Campbell Road!

September 20, 2012

There is a new planning application that local residents should be aware of.

The reference number is 2012/2264

It is for a change of use for 2A John Campbell Road from a retail unit (Class A1) to a ‘community centre’ (Class D2).

This is a very large space which can only be accessed either from John Campbell road (where the entrance runs underneath a private residence) or via a narrow alleyway that runs behind Kingsland High Street (from the Stone Cave up to the Somine), taking in the rear of various other premises en route, including the Evin, Dalston Superstore, Dalston Emporium etc. Any change of use involving a large number of customers will therefore have a major impact on the surrounding area.

for full details of the application, go to  then to ‘planning application search’ (on the left) and enter the reference number 2012/2264

You can send an objection by email to quoting the planning reference number 2012/2264 in the subject line.

The Planning Officer in charge of this application is Yousef Bahadur.

The deadline for objections is October 8th.

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