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Dalston SPA consultation

August 2, 2013

Hackney Council has opened up a consultation about introducing a Special Policy Area (SPA) in Dalston. The proposed SPA would extend along the length of Kingsland High Street/Stoke Newington Road from Middleton Road in the south to Evering Road in the north. A SPA was introduced in Shoreditch in 2005 and has helped mange the growth of the night-time economy there.

The SPA would enable the Council to manage its licensing policy in a way that enables the needs of local residents to be better balanced with those of businesses. It would cover license applications for the sale of alcohol, live and recorded music, theatre dance and film and late-night sales of hot food and drink.

It would not stop new licenses from being granted but would make it easier for the Council to limit the growth of licensed premises and negotiate the conditions attached to licenses. It would encourage some kinds of license and discourage others. As general principles:

  • Restaurants, bars and pubs would be permitted to operate until 11 pm on weeknights and midnight on Fridays and Saturdays.
  • Off licenses and takeaways would be permitted to operate until 11 pm.
  • Theatres, cinemas and ‘qualifying clubs’ (e.g. working men’s clubs) would be permitted to operate until midnight throughout the week.
  • New nightclub applications would be discouraged.

Questionnaires have been sent to local residents and businesses explaining the SPA in more detail and asking them to vote on whether they would like to see the SPA introduced.

The Rio Cross Residents Association has been campaigning for a SPA in the area for several years and urges its members and supporters to vote ‘yes’. If you have not received a questionnaire or would like further information, phone 020 8356 4942 or email with the words ‘Dalston SPA’ in the subject line.

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