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‘Wiggly’ looking to extend their club license

August 20, 2013

An application has been received by Wiggly Ltd, of 20 Stoke Newington Road 20 Stoke Newington Road for a ‘variation of premises licence to extend plays, live music, recorded music, performance of dance, anything of similar description and supply of alcohol till 02:30am Fri and Sat.’

This is the same address as ‘Tipsy’ which repeatedly put in applications for a club license at this address and, on January 7th 2013, lost an appeal  against Hackney Council’s refusal to grant an extension of its basement licence to the ground floor. After two days of cross-examination of local residents, the police and a number of other witnesses, the judge found that the Council’s decision had been correct in the light of the over-saturation of the area with alcohol.

The deadline for objections to this application is 12/09/2013.

If you wish to object, email with the address of the premises in the subject line.

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