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Morris House – another proposal for Tesco site

September 25, 2013

Yet another proposal has been submitted for a five-storey block at 130 Kingsland High Street on, the site currently occupied by the Tesco store and its forecourt on the corner of Sandringham Road and Kingsland High Street diagonally opposite the Rio.

The planning Application Number is 2013/2945  and details of the plans can be seen on Hackney Council’s website (go to and enter the Application Number 2013/2945).

This proposal takes no account of the reasons why previous applications have been rejected. Indeed in many ways it is even worse than earlier versions, being very dated as well as unattractive. The applicants seem to be trying to find a legal way round these earlier rejections by resubmitting an application first submitted in 1990 and arguing that this is in accordance with the Dalston Area Action Plan and some other national/local policies.

The ‘new’ application takes no account of the objections made to previous applications by local residents, most of which were supported by the Hackney Planning Committee. In particular:

  • the design shows no sensitivity to the surrounding architecture, especially the much-loved, iconic (and listed) Rio Cinema opposite.
  • although the number of storeys has been partially reduced, the height would still be significantly higher than neighbouring buildings to the north and south.
  • the scale and bulk of the building is also wholly out of proportion to neighbouring buildings.
  • the building would come right up to the pavement, removing the open space currently used as a forecourt (which was always an open space, being formerly part of the grounds of a church which was set back from the pavement).
  • even by the applicants’ own admission, the building will cast a shadow over much of the surrounding area, including the paved area outside the Rio with the cherry trees.

The deadline for objections to this application is October 7th, 2013.

If you wish to object, email using 2013/2945, 130 Kingsland High Street as the subject of your email, or fill in the online form on the Council’s website (which you can find by going to and enter the Application Number 2013/2945).

One Comment
  1. Andrew Clubb permalink

    Just to note, this application never went to a planning meeting, and was refused by a Hackney planning officer last week. Refusal reasons were much the same as for the previous application:

    The proposed development, by reason of its excessive height and massing on this prominent corner junction, would result in a development that would relate poorly to the existing development on Kingsland High Street and Sandringham Road to the detriment of the streetscene and would also unduly compromise and compete with the setting of the Grade 2 listed Rio Cinema opposite. The proposal is therefore contrary to Hackney Core Strategy 2010 policy 24 (Design) and 25 (Historic Environment), the Dalston Area Action Plan 2013, London Plan 2011 policies 7.4 (Local Character), 7.6 (Architecture) and 7.8 (Heritage assets and archaeology), and paragraphs 17, 64 and 133 of the National Planning Policy Framework.

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