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John Campbell Road Meeting, 3rd December, 2013

December 11, 2013

A group of local residents met with the police at the Rio Cinema on December 3rd to discuss measures to reduce anti-social behaviour in John Campbell Road.



It was agreed to request an increase in the lighting output from 100w to 150w per lamp on the understanding that these can be dimmed or baffles fitted to eliminate back spill.  Residents in the street will be leafleted to explain what to do if they are bothered by these changes. The Rio Cinema and occupants of 1A, 2 and 2A will also explore installing additional local lighting in the spots most used for urination.

Public toilets

It was noted there is no indication of public toilets on the pedestrian signboards at the intersections of Kingsland High Street with John Campbell Road and Shacklewell Lane. However the only toilets available, at Ridley Road market, are not open at night. A request for public toilets in relation to the redevelopment of the Tescos site and Kingsland Shopping centre needs to be made.


The police representative confirmed that Hackney Police are dealing with hugely increasing incidents of theft in the locality as result of the expansion of the night time economy and regard the neighbourhood as saturated. For this reason they are opposing several new license applications.

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