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Share My City Project want to consult local residents

December 11, 2013

ImageWe have been asked to share this communication with local residents.


‘Share My City’ (SME-City) is a new project part-funded by the European Commission under the ‘Prevention of Crime’ programme. It aims to understand and put forward solutions to the problem of crime and ‘anti-social behaviour’ in three city centres – London (UK), Valladolid (Spain) and Perugia (Italy). The first stage of the project collected ‘stories’ of crime and disorder in city centres from the diverse points of view of all sections of the community – looking at the problem through the eyes of young people, residents and workers, business-people, tourists, politicians and police.

Based on our analysis of these stories, SME-City is now moving forward to its next stage. This will design and put into practice some new ways of reducing conflict in city centres. These new approaches will be evaluated and, if they work, the project will explore ways of transferring them to other cities throughout Europe.

In London we have collected and analysed data on crime and anti-social behaviour in six different inner city locations: Dalston, Hackney Central, Shoreditch, Holloway, West End Central, and Camden Town. The research produced some key findings about patterns of crime and anti-social behaviour, the factors that contribute to conflict in inner cities, and how conflict might be reduced.

What we are going to do now in the next phase of the project is to work with the different community groups and police and local authorities in one of the six areas (Hackney) to explore how some of the ideas proposed in the first stage of the project could be put into practice. To make this work we are hosting four events in Hackney between now and the end of 2013. Each of these four events – or ‘Consultation Syndicates’ – is aimed at a specific section of the community:

  • Community institutions – local authority representatives, law enforcement representatives, representatives of other agencies
  • Businesses – owners, managers and people who work in bars, clubs, off licences, restaurants and other local businesses.
  • Community actors – this focuses on two main sub-groups: residents associations and schools, but also includes other stakeholders like youth organisations.
  • Young people who live, study and work in Hackney

The Consultation Syndicates will involve these community stakeholders in reviewing the results of SME-City so far and in putting forward some ideas to reduce conflict, crime and anti-social behaviour in the future. In January 2014, the ideas produced by these four Syndicates will be reviewed in a larger community-wide event held in Hackney. This will decide on which ideas are most promising, and will sketch out a preliminary plan to put into place and evaluate the best ideas

You can find out more about these and sign up for them by keeping an eye on the news and events page of the SME-City website, where the events will be published, and by contacting us using the email form on the website contact page.


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