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Pavement obstruction in Kingsland High Street

December 20, 2013

A member writes:

Several “Fancy Goods” / 99p stores between Nos 78 and 94 Kingsland High Street habitually spread their plastic toys and other loose merchandise on the footway, causing a hazard and obstructing the footway to such an extent that pedestrians are forced off our recently widened footway and onto the road.


These photos of the obstructions were taken during the summer.  A local resident has spoken with three of the shopkeepers, politely explaining why they shouldn’t obstruct the footway; it causes congestion and is a hazard, particularly to blind and visually impaired pedestrians.  Sadly, these friendly chats were not effective and reminders have been ignored.

78 Kingsland High Street

In recent weeks the situation has deteriorated with the majority of the footway taken up by their loose goods.  The tactile paving in the photograph above indicates to white cane users that it is safe to cross and walk ahead, within the range of the blister paving.  Clearly, in the photo, more than half that space is taken up with merchandise.  Currently, egress from the entire length of tactile paving is obstructed by loose merchandise.
If you, or anyone you know, finds these footway traders a nuisance, you may like to add weight to the complaint by filling in the brief form on the link below and with the following information:

Location: four fancy goods shops between 78 and 94 Kingsland High Street

Complaint: spread loose merchandise (plastic toys, fancy goods, etc) on the footway obstructing the majority of the footway and forcing pedestrians onto the road.

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