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Red Art Cafe – unauthorised rear terrace

June 1, 2014

Ali Gumus, proprietor of the Red Art Cafe at 113 Kingsland High Street is appealing against an Enforcement Notice issued by the London Borough of Hackney to prevent the continuing unauthorised use of the roof behind the cafe as an extension of the premises.

With no planning permission, Red Art knocked a door in the back wall of the first floor and created a decked area on the roof behind, used as an extension of their restaurant until late at night. This caused considerable nuisance to neighbours living to the rear and above these premises (invasion of privacy, noise, smoke, verbal harassment) and set a very dangerous precedent. If one licensed premises can with impunity start extending its business into any neighbouring open air space then what is to stop others doing the same? The enforcement notice asks them to remove the unauthorised door and decking and restore everything to its previous conditions within two months of May 1st, 2014.

If you wish to comment on this matter, you can do so on the Planning Portal at or by emailing

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