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More new bars/restaurants try to cram into Dalston

July 22, 2014

After a short lull, after the Dalston SPA was introduced earlier this year, new applications for licensed premises are once again starting to come in, taking advantage, cynics might think, of the summer holiday period when local residents are likely to be less alert.

In an area already crammed with off-licenses, clubs, bars and licensed restaurants, there are still a few spots left for exploitation. We have already posted about the proposed new club at 8 Stoke Newington Road. Here we report on two further applications.

Yet another ‘restaurant’ on the ‘Dalston Strip’

One of these is the site of the Robelli clothes shop at 123-125 Kingsland High Street, which, apart from a bank and a betting shop, is the only premises on the strip between John Campbell Road and the Somine Restaurant on the corner with Crossway which does not already have a license to sell alcohol late at night.

An application has now been submitted for ‘Change of use of part of existing retail unit (class A1) from retail to a restaurant (class A3) with extract duct sited on the rear elevation of the building rising from ground to roof ridge height (restaurant hours of operation 08:00 to 23:00 Monday to Friday, 08:00 to 23:59 Saturday and 11:00 to 22:00 Sunday)’ for this large double-fronted site.

If granted, this will add to the congestion on an already dangerously overcrowded stretch of pavement (next to a bus-stop where people already feel jostled and threatened at night by the passing crowds). It will also add to the smell produced by the forest of extraction ducts already protruding from that block, and causing a nuisance to the residents who live above and behind these premises.

Anyone wishing to object to this application should write to quoting the reference number 2014/1890.

A vast ‘drinking establishment’ on the Beyond Retro site

Another application which is clearly in breach of the spirit of the SPA is for a vast ‘drinking establishment’ on the Beyond Retro site at the corner of Somerford Grove and Stoke Newington Road. The applicants are asking for a ‘Change of use of part of ground floor (221 m2) from retail (Use Class A1) to drinking establishment (Use Class A4); Use of 2m wide part of footway (45 m2 in total) for siting of seven 6-seater tables and chairs. Proposed opening hours 1000 to 2330 on Sunday to Thursday and 1000 to 0030 on Friday and Saturday.’

This would attract even more drinkers into an over-saturated area which not only already has a very large number of pubs, bars, clubs, off-licenses and other premises but is also next to an area where there are large number of street drinkers. The resulting mix would make this a very threatening stretch of pavement for local residents to have to push their way along.

Anyone wishing to object to this application should write to quoting the reference number 2014/1700.

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