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Mayor of London’s plans for Dalston

May 25, 2015

Dalston has been designated part of the ‘City Fringe’ by the Mayor of London’s Office and falls within the scope of its ‘Opportunity Area Planning Framework’. It is regarded as one of five ‘key strategic areas’ (along with Old Street/Shoreditch, Aldgate, Hackney Central and the Oval/Cambridge Heath Road).

The document outlining this framework can be downloaded here. Pages 78-80 show a map of ‘key sites’ and ‘strategic principles’ in Dalston. It includes ‘gateway locations’ (including opposite the Rio) which will be characterised by ‘small public spaces and taller buildings’ and speaks of ‘scope for … significant levels of affordable housing’ as well as a continuing expansion of the night-time economy and better facilities for cyclists (goals which might seem to be in tension with each other. will the residents of the affordable housing really want more bars and clubs on their doorsteps?).

Rather ominously, it states that ‘Dalston Lane/Balls Pond Road and Sandringham Road/John Campbell Road provide important connections to Hackney Central in the east and Islington in the west.Ridley Road provides an important connection to the west and is also significant because of its street market and focus on independent trading. Development along these routes needs to contribute to this role by improving their quality and legibility. This can be done by providing active frontages, a strong building line, a mix of residential and non-residential uses and buildings which are slightly higher than contextual height.’

This looks rather like trying to create a main thoroughfare smack through the middle of the St Mark’s conservation area and the proposed Dalston one.

The plans to build Crossrail 2 with a major stop at Dalston Junction are referred to, but no map is given showing where the access points will be located for the construction work.

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