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Efes Snooker Club trying again to loosen license restrictions

September 3, 2015

Yet another license application has been submitted by Efes Snooker Club seeking to loosen the conditions that were attached to the renewal of its license (after it was suspended in February 2012 on grounds including bad management) and extend its activities in the direction of becoming more of a bar and less of a snooker club.

This time, they are asking for ‘a variation of premises licence to amend conditions “When security are not present a buzzer entry system will be used from 19:00 hours” as “When security are not present a buzzer entry system will be used from 22:00 hours.”, “No under 18’s permitted on the premises at any time.” as “To allow entry to under 18s up to 22:30 hours each day Monday to Thursday and up to 21:30 hours Friday and Saturday when accompanied by an adult. No under 18’ door supervisors to be present from 22:00 hours until close on every Thursday, Friday and Saturday ” as “One SIA registered door supervisor per 100 persons from 22:00 hours until closing time on Thursday, Friday and Saturday” and to remove the requirements to retain three snooker tables and five pool tables and replace with a requirement to retain six pool tables. Snooker tables will be replaced with tables and chairs.’

The premises (in a converted cinema) are already large, and adding even more tables and chairs and reducing the space occupied by snooker tables would substantially increase its capacity.

Given the history of poor management, the proposal to allow in under-18-year-olds is particularly worrying, especially when coupled with a general loosening of the security arrangements (linked with the buzzer entry system).

To object to a license application, email with the name of the premises and/or its address in the subject line of your email.

Your objection is most likely to be taken seriously if it directly addresses the objectives of Hackney’s Licensing Policy. The four main objectives of the policy are:

• Prevention of crime and disorder
• Public safety
• Prevention of public nuisance
• Protection of children from harm.

The deadline for objections is September 18th, 2015

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