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NEW Hackney consultation about licensing policy

May 4, 2016


The council is currently consulting residents and users of the nighttime economy about licensing policy (information and questionnaire can be found here ).

Residents have serious concerns about the recent explosions in the night time economy, which take more resources to manage than the council has (in terms of policing and cleanings).  In addition, the night time economy is reducing the diversity in the area and community cohesion. That’s on a local level.  Extended licensing as a national initiative has failed.  An article in the Observer confirms ‘The extension of licensing hours in England and Wales has triggered a rise in binge drinking and an associated increase in mental and physical health problems, according to new research’:

The council’s recent consultation had to be withdrawn, as it was essentially mobbed by clubbers arguing for even later hours.  The new consultation appears to be biased in favour of the nighttime economy.  Rio Cross encourages as many people who live in the area to fill this survey in, highlighting concerns that the nighttime economy – which has already experienced exponential growth – will, if it continues to grow unchecked, seriously damage the health and sustainability of a wonderful, vibrant community.  As noted, this link takes you to the consultation, deadline 17th July 2016:

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