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The Rio Cross Residents Association grew out of the John Campbell Road Residents Association. This was started in 1990 by local residents, under the leadership of Lala Isla and Steve Griffiths, to campaign for improvements in the area and combat noise and anti-social behaviour.

Successful campaigning by the Association led to the creation of a DPPO (‘Designated Public Places Order’) outside the Rio Cinema, limiting the number of drinkers and giving police officers discretionary powers to require a person to stop drinking and confiscate alcohol or containers of alcohol in the Controlled Drinking Zone.

The Association also worked with Hackney Council to develop and implement the Streets for People scheme, which resulted in the street being paved, the introduction of Dutch-style road calming with stepped parking bays and the planting of some beautiful trees. The Association organised a street party to celebrate the opening of this scheme and involved local businesses who contributed food and prizes.

More recently the Association found itself working with residents in surrounding streets, including Gillett Square, Bradbury Street, Sandringham Road, Alvington Crescent, Kingsland High Street, Stoke Newington Road and Miller’s Terrace. In 2012, amidst rising concern about the exponential growth of the night-time economy in the area, these groups came together to form the Rio Cross Residents Association.

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