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Hackney’s plans for Dalston

Hackney Council has developed a Dalston Area Action Plan. You can find details on including a number of documents that can be downloaded. One of these, the Statement of Community Involvement describes how local residents are supposed to be consulted. A number of other planning documents, including those related to Hackney’s ‘core strategy’ can be found on

What is Planning Permission?

Essentially, planning permission is about land use. Uses are divided into classes. A1, A2, A3, A4, B1, B2, B3 etc. A is retail, but also includes restaurants, B is industrial (but also includes offices) and so forth. Planning permission is granted for a particular class. Permission is usually granted on a permanent basis, though it can be given on a fixed term (temporary) basis. Once planning permission is granted to a business, there is no appeal for local residents.

Planning decisions are based on national guidelines as applied locally. At the moment things are complicated in Hackney because the planning scheme is in transition; the Dalston Area Action Plan is not official policy – yet.  The criteria for planning decisions depend on the applicable planning policy.

Checking up on existing planning permissions

If you want to check what planning permission a local business has, go to You can then search for it either under the address, or, if you know it, by entering the planning application number.

New planning applications

When a new application is put in for planning permission to change the use of an existing building or alter it, or to build something new, the immediate neighbours are usually informed of this by mail or by means of a sign fixed to the building or to a local tree or lamp-post. This doesn’t always happen consistently and signs are sometimes difficult to spot so if you suspect that something may be going on in a nearby premises it can be useful to search on to check whether an application has been made.

You can set up an email alert to new planning applications in your area on

Objecting to a planning application

If there is a new planning application and you wish to object to it, you can do so online via this site.

Your objection is most likely to be successful if it refers explicitly to Hackney’s planning policy and demonstrates that the application will be in breach of some of the policy objectives.  In general, the basis for objecting is ‘loss of residential amenity’ which means you won’t be able to have reasonable use of your home if a development goes ahead. This could be for several reasons, e.g. noise, smells, loss of light, invasion of privacy or the generation of anti-social activity.

If you have objected to a planning application that is going to be discussed at a Planning Subcommittee meeting of Hackney Council, you will be informed in writing of the time and place of the meeting and given a chance to voice your objection in person. Each objector is normally allowed to speak for five minutes.

Breaches of planning regulations

If a business is doing something that is in breach of its planning permission, or making alterations without planning consent,  you can ask for Hackney Council to investigate this by sending an email to quoting the name and/or address of the business in the subject line of your email.

Working with Rio Cross Residents Association

We will post details of any significant new planning developments in the area on this site but may not be aware of all of them. If you want to inform us of any planning applications or breaches that you feel strongly about, please do so by mailing us on

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